Café International

Intercultural, multilingual and exciting.

A place to share and get to know one another.

More and more people are fleeing the violence and persecution in their home countries, looking for a place of refuge. After a long and often dangerous journey, they finally reach Germany and hope to find a place of protection and a new home. But refugees in Germany often feel like they live on the edge of society.  Most are not allowed to work, and when they are allowed, have trouble finding jobs.  On a monthly basis they receive less money than welfare recipients, less then what Germany has declare is needed for a minimal existence.

These refugees need people they can trust, who can help them find their way in a new culture and in their new home.  That is our goal with "Cafe International".

"Cafe International" provides a welcoming note in Germany.  In particular, it facilitates the often traumatized refugees, as well as their families, who have arrived in a foreign country where everything feels so new and different, to feel at home.  “Cafe International" is a place where the refugees and the local residents can meet, get to know one another and to learn to trust each other. They can play together, laugh together and share their lives with one another.  Here they can learn about the cultures and languages of their new neighbors. We offer a comfortable atmosphere with coffee, tea, cookies, cakes or other snacks.
"Cafe International" is contributing toward a successful integration of foreigners into our German society. 


  • Begegnungszentrum Gewerbehalle

    Dr. Liesegangstraße 1

    55743 Idar-Oberstein (Idar)


  • Begegnungszentrum Gewerbehalle: Monday 4- 7 pm

Services / Program

  • A place where refugees and asylum seekers can meet one other as well as get to know Germans and other ex-patriates
  • Bistro: cold drinks, coffee, tea, cakes, cookies
  • Internet Café
  • Kicker, table tennis, TV and video games
  • Assistance with the German language
  • Help with everyday questions, writing letters or filling out forms and applications.
  • Household exchange of everyday objects, furniture, clothing, bicycles, etc.(Bulletin board)
  • Connecting people to the correct persons for special questions and needs
  • Crafts and games for children
  • Activities such as: sports, cooking, baking, painting, crafts, hikes, trips,
  • Furniture transport if needed

Project management

Del Penner

Tel.: 06781 42929

Mobil: 0152 34590370